Journey to a new world

A place where you wonder if anyone has ever walked before...

Have you ever been to a place where you thought to yourself “has anyone ever set foot right here, where I am?”. Have you ever been to a place where there is no litter, no pathways, no tracks, no roads and no people? a place where everything is exactly where its supposed to be. The way that nature intended it.

I have just come back from a trip to a place where I found myself asking that all the time. A place that you can’t help but feel that there is plants, wildlife and fish that are unknown to man because it is just so inaccessible.
Its home to everything from skinny water Barramundi, Jungle Perch and the elusive Saratoga┬áto Small-mouth Nannygai’s and grunter.
This amazing place got me thinking. Should governments and national parks make places like this more accessible to a larger number of people or should they keep it the way it is now?

Personally I’m torn. I believe that people need to get out and experience these places in order to get people interested in what it is they are experiencing. Though, admittedly the journey can sometimes be prohibitive. On the other hand, those who have the sense of adventure and those who want to see these places, always have. They haven’t required the support of improved roads, camp grounds or telecommunications.

Is the answer to lock up a resource that belongs to everyone or is it to leave it as is and hope that people want to treat it with the respect it deserves.

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