Biting off more than you can chew


I strongly identify with the bush. I always have. Nearly as much as I do with the ocean sometimes. Though I have come to a realisation. Although I love the bush, I’ve spent the last month in it and I’m getting to that point where I’m not sure if I’m getting tanned or I’m just dirty. Unfortunately I’m afraid its the side of the latter.

In any case. I’m very sure that any of you keen fisho’s out there would be happy to know that the reward for dirty feet is some of the most amazing fishing you’re likely to experience.

Droves of Queenfish to over a metre in length, 5kg Trevally, Fingermark and 300 lbs groper eating all of them at the boat is just some of it.

Making a long cast along the flats, stripping a dancing and flashing feather bound fly back through shimmering gin clear water and watching these skinny’s come out and smash your fly is a privilege in itself.
Sunset on cable beach
These fish can really put on a show with the acrobatics that ensue after you hook them. Be careful though. In an effort to clear a trolling line whilst another fish was hooked on a second huge Queenie unfortunately stole a rod out of my hands and over the side!

For an area to obtain the status of ‘pristine’ in my eyes it has to fit a few criteria.
1. It generally has to be hard to get to
2. It should have very few introduced species i.e. pigs, weeds etc
3. there should be every possibility for you to catch a pb/trophy fish

When an area is like this in a tropical zone, there is also every chance that you will be able to sight fish mangrove jacks. Though, the biggest issue is trying to get through the baby Trevs!

When you work out where a school of fingermark is hanging, it can be very easy to get the fish frenzied up and taking nearly anything you put in front of them including micro jigs, plastics, deep fly, hardbodies and vibes.

Catching these fish and plenty more out of our humble roof tinny (The Lady Kay McGrath) where the best piece of tech is a lifejacket has been some of the most rewarding fishing Ive done. Ive caught plenty of fish across about 20 years now but when you have no sounder, no gps, a two stroke pre mix yammy and lashings of home brew, catching fish is about as rewarding as it gets.

Until next time